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Today’s new word is “calascent” – increasing in warmth

It seems spring has REALLY arrived.  Today was beautiful, the temperature has been calascent, it was light well into the evening, daffodils are starting to replace the crocus’ – Horray!!!!

Breakfast for me this morning was one of my usuals, 2 pieces of thin high fibre bread with 1 Tbsp almond butter and a banana.

I also met Michelle for our “now back on Wednesday schedule” early morning coffee.  Here is my non fat latte (and Michelle’s arm in the background.  Oh hai Mi!!!)

My mid morning snack today was a bit of mango, 1/2 a kiwi and a few grapes.

Lunch was yet another hodgepodge, I put some cherry tomatoes, a bit of prosciutto, some olives, some cucumber and some light feta onto a bed of arugula.  I made a fat-free balsamic to pour on top.  I also had a cup of my carrot/lentil soup. 

Over the course of the afternoon, I had a little apple and a couple of clementines.

I was a bit snacky today, so took some of these snap peas and grazed on them.

A colleague of mine gave me this little 100 calorie biscotti packs.  I worked it out to be three points, and I had the point room in my daily allowance today.  These were REALLY good with a cup of green tea.

Dinner tonight was a small pork chop cooked in a sauce made with vegetable broth, some hoisin sauce and some chinese 5 spice powder.  I also roasted some broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  YUM!!

Its weigh in day tomorrow, and I’m a bit nervous.  I am still within my weekly 49 extra points, I’ve been to zumba, yoga and have been walking when possible, but without going into great details, lets just say that my body is obviously out of whack which may not bode well for the scale and I tomorrow.  However, there is “boom all” I can do about it, and all I can do is stay the course and know if I DO gain, that it’ll likely drop off pretty quickly once things sort themselves out.  (which hopefully happens sooner rather than later! :) )

Off to watch Survivor and see who stays on Redemption Island tonight.  (It’s no Amazing Race – but I admit, I’m hooked)

We’ll check in tomorrow!  Have a good night all.



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