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I have a pair of new mascots to introduce you too.   They’re a hoot!   – and are in fact cojoined owls attached at the wing!  :) 

For the record, I can’t believe I wrote that.  Actually, more to the point, I can’t believe I’m not deleting that intro.   Oh well…

I had a YUMMY smoothie this morning.  It was made with almond milk, a banana and frozen mango pieces.   Ever since I ran out of my own picked frozen berries, I’ve been trying all kinds of frozen fruits.  Fun. 

Later I had one of the lemon/blueberry muffins I made yesterday with some fruit.   Thumbs up on the new muffin recipe, this one will make a return again!

I also grabbed a quick coffee with my friend Kathy.  I didn’t take a photo, because it was just a black coffee, but it was great to see her looking so good!!! 

Later, I met my friend Koko for lunch today.  (I DID get work done too – though I’m making it sound like I was flitting around socializing more than working) Like the mascots, Koko is a hoot as well.  (ok, I’ll stop with the hooting references).  We went to a little falafel place.  I had the 3 salad plate.  It had tabboulah, red cabbage and tomato/cucumber with honey dressing.  I also had 1/2 a pita.   Thanks for lunch Koko, great to see you as always!  Can’t wait for our potluck!!!

I had a few grapes, two little oranges and one of my two point oatmeal cookies as the afternoon wore on.

Quesadillas are quickly becoming out “go to” dinner if we are suffering from lack of culinary motivation – which was the case today.  I always have these 12-grams of fibre tortillas in the fridge, so filled mine with roasted red peppers, spinach, red onion, salsa and 1/4 cup low-fat cheese.  (Dennis had some turkey bacon crumbles in his)  I mixed a bit of bbq ranch dressing with greek yogurt as a dip to go alongside.  For dinner that was made in 15 minutes max, it was really good. 

I think I’ve used our “Griddler” (which was a wedding gift) more in the last month than I’ve used it in the last two years.   How fun to have rediscovered it.

Time to wrap this up and get everything ready for my early Tuesday start tomorrow.  Hope everyone’s week has started out well.



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