…is BACK!!!!  (and won’t it be interesting to see the google searches that land on THIS title?? :) ) After yesterday’s flat foaming almond milk latte fail, today’s latte fluffed up beautifully. 

Good thing, because I didn’t just make lattes for me this morning, Dennis and our friend Clint went up to Whistler to ski for the day, and I sent them on the road in the wee hours of Sunday morning with lattes in “to go” cups!    Here is a very cute picture Dennis sent me from his blackberry this morning.  What a beautiful day to be up on the slopes!! 

I don’t ski myself -Dennis bought me lessons a few years ago, and long story short, it wasn’t a success.  Careening down a slippery mountain in an out of control state and being paralyzed in fear and having to be helped down the hill just wasn’t my idea of fun!  We toyed with the idea of me going up for the drive, fluffing around and “apres skiing” while the boys were whooshing around, however, I really did have some things that needed to be done here at home, so here I stayed.

My breakfast this morning, which accompanied the steamy foamy latte was one piece of thin high fibre toast with 1/2 Tbsp almond butter and a banana, as well as some berries with yogurt and 2 Tbsp low-fat granola on top.  This kept me full for HOURS.

I went out and ran a bunch of errands.  I’m not sure if there is fallout from the “supermoon” from last night, but the crazy drivers were out in force!  Yikes!!!  I was honked at and given the finger while I was trying to parallel park (guess Mr. Honky-Grumpy didn’t like that he either had to wait for me to park, or didn’t feel he wanted to drive around me.  Twit!!) AND, I ALMOST saw an accident when some yahoo attempted to turn RIGHT in front of another. 

BUT…there was something good….I just heard on the news that it is officially spring.  It arrived at 4:22pm this afternoon.  Happy Spring Everyone!!!!   BUH BYE Winter!!! 

When I got back, I had a flour free bagel with a slice of low-fat havarti and sugar-free jam. 

I then set about to purge some clothes and other clutter that needs to be either tossed or donated as well as make soup for lunches over the next few days, bake some weight watchers cookies and some low-fat muffins as well as do a couple of loads of laundry.

The cookies are from the Weight Watchers “From Pantry to Plate” cookbook.  They are cinnamon glazed oatmeal cookies and are two points each.  I quality test controlled two.  They are good, so have passed quality control! 

I also made these low-fat lemon blueberry muffins.  I have NOT quality test controlled these, I’ll leave that to Dennis in the morning, but they smelled VERY good. 

After the housework etc, I poured myself a glass of wine.

I decided to make a fairly hearty dinner because Dennis worked up quite the appetite over the day.  We had some small bison tenderloins with bbq sauce.  I also sautéed the lovely mushrooms from the farmer’s market yesterday (with garlic and thyme), steamed some asparagus and baked some potatoes  (which I topped with raita).   

So that’s our Sunday, and now, per normal I’m wrapping this up and publishing before my beloved Amazing Race starts.  Go Cowboys!  (I’ve said before, but still… Go Cowboys!) 

Have a great week everyone.