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Oh no!  My body is set to “yoga time” and I was WIDE awake at 5:15am this morning.  And because I was awake, Neva was awake too. 

 “You awake Mom??  I am!  Food in my dish would be good!  NOW!  NOT 5 minutes from now!  And once I’ve grazed on it, I’d like to play.  You don’t want to sleep in do you???? ”

My stomach was a bit growly early on, so I had an “Otay” muffin.  (I’ll post the recipe on the recipe page over the weekend – as it was published, and with my modifications)

A few hours later, I made us a nice weekend breakfast.  Today, we had breakfast wraps (with an egg, turkey bacon, 1/4 cup low-fat cheddar, salsa and spinach) with some fruit on the side.

I also made my standard almond milk latte.  I’m not really sure why, but I just couldn’t get the almond milk to foam well this morning.  I used the same almond milk, the same pitcher, the same machine, but it just REFUSED to “puff”.  Here it is anyway.

And here is Dennis laughing at the flat foam (or lack thereof).  Don’t worry, I was laughing too.

I then ventured out to the Winter Farmer’s Market.  There was pretty slim pickin’s unless you needed preserves or honey.  (I’m not sure what I expected, maybe more squash or other winter vegetables.. and was a bit sad that there wasn’t a whole lot of unusual items.)   That said, it was still nice to walk around and sample a few wares.  I counted a point for the antipasto, the chocolate, the pesto and the dried pears I tried.  Here is the apple stand.  OOH, they had Ambrosia apple juice.  I LOVE Ambrosia apples, but figured I’d rather EAT a no point Ambrosia apple than drink juice, which has points. 

Here is a bee habitat. When Dennis and I have a back yard and not just a deck, we may get a bee habitat and have a place for the mason bees to live. 

Look at the size of this single Portobello mushroom.  It was like a dinner plate.  (my finger is there for scale)

And here are the mushrooms I bought.  (you’ll see what I do with them on tomorrow’s post)

This is MUSIC garlic.  Hmm…I wonder if you blow into them like a flute or shake them like maracas.   Silly….

This is the Granola King.  He is often at summer Farmer’s Market.  Funny story, a couple of years ago, I was at the market, and while I was walking,  my ankle buckled under me and I fell.  (not my most coordinated act – however, the kale wasn’t bruised and my pride was hurt MUCH more than my booty)  ANYWAY…the Granola King came running to my rescue (it was right by his booth), he said “are you ok?” and I looked up and saw this man in a big crown helping me up and I said “I’m fine, thank you your highness!”.   I have a soft spot for the Granola King and STILL buy his hazelnut butter.  All hail the Granola King!

I bought the mushrooms, some antipasto, some cocoa nibs (not sure what I’ll do with them) and a mini apple pie for Dennis….and I can’t wait for the summer markets when I can buy all kinds of local produce!

I stopped by a grocery store on the way home, they were selling tulips today.  How pretty are these???

When I got back, I made smoothies with almond milk, banana and frozen mixed fruit and had some endive with farmer’s market antipasto, as well as some cucumber with chili/lime (thanks Janice!).

And the skies cleared.  Look at the amazing cloud formation.  I took this photo from our deck.

Dennis and I had a couple of glasses of wine early in the evening.  (I knew we’d be having a bit of wine, that’s why I had such a low point lunch – mine is the white, Dennis had red). 

We decided to send out to Dennis’ favorite Swiss Chalet for dinner tonight. I had the chicken breast with the baked potato.  I added my own yogurt topping to the potato an skipped the roll.  Yum.  I admit, had yet another glass of wine, so three in total  Oh dear…hic!

Now, we’ve rented a cheesy movie and are going to call it a blog night.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  SPRING TOMORROW!!!  FINALLY!!!!!



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