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Today’s new word is “yestreen” – the night before

Ever wonder how some readers find your blog?  Thanks to WordPress, this question is answered by giving the google search terms people used to land on this site.  For me, most are pretty standard “points plus blog” “weight watchers blog” or “activity points”.  No surprises there. 

However, there have been a few lately that DID surprise me:

“shaggy dog sushi” – I don’t imagine that would be too tasty!

“points plus tequila” followed closely by “tequila points plus” –  Evidently I’m not the only person on weight watchers who likes a good margarita.

“housework blog” – this one is particularly funny right now, because my home is a bit of a shambles.  Not proud of that….but I am by NO means someone who should be writing about housework.

“National Ostrich Day” – this was searched twice – which made me search.  There is in fact no National Ostrich Day at all, I had made some facetious comment when I was speaking about “National Penguin Day” which really does exist.  I’m thinking we need to start a movement to get the poor Ostrich a day of its own.  Who’s with me???

And just today, this was used (spelled as typed) “I went for a long run today and after hade a fresh fruit smoothy and i threw up why”.    If the person who wrote that is back for another read today, I sincerely hope you are feeling better.  And my takeaway from that?  Running makes you puke, so don’t run! :)

On to the day’s menu.  For the record, no tequila was involved!  :)

Breakfast was a smoothie made with almond milk, banana and frozen berries. 

My mid morning food was fruit and the last of the low-fat bran muffins.

Lunch was a tuna wrap and a tomato, basil, balsamic and feta salad. 

Here is the inside of the wrap, as you can see, there was spinach in there too.

Mid afternoon, I had three little Clementines and a single serving of sharp cheddar.

I met my friend Laura for dinner tonight.  We went for sushi.   And passed on the shaggy dog roll!  (just joking, so such thing exists).  I DID have TONS of tea, a spicy tuna roll, some tuna sashimi and a vegetable roll with mango.  I asked for brown rice for the rolls, and the drizzle on the veggie roll was mustard and a squeeze of teriyaki sauce.    Lucky me, the sushi was AMAZING and poor Dennis was home eating leftovers from yestereen. 

The sushi was SOOO good, and it was good to see you Laura!!!  We’ll do that again soon.

Now, I have to go and bake some muffins – (yay, we’ve depleted the store boughts) and also get all my gear and meals ready so I can just jump out of bed and go to yoga early  tomorrow morning. 

If you have a blog, what is the strangest search term you’ve had lately?

Have a good night everyone!!



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