You are currently browsing the daily archive for March 15, 2011. use the snooze button on your alarm a few more times than you should.

..your husband loves you despite the fact you’ve woken him up not once, but 4 or 5 times (see above) venture out in the POURING rain at 5:45am to get to yoga’s always darkest before the dawn.  I say it was darker at 5:45am. can’t figure out why people don’t flush public toilets.  (seriously!  It’s a gym you women!!!!  We don’t need to see that!!!!  And if you do that at home too, well, ewwww) just know 5 minutes into your yoga class that it’s not going to be a class you’re going to get a lot out of.    Yoga was a STRUGGLE this morning.  Not because the instructor wasn’t good, but because I couldn’t shut my mind off as I normally do.  However, in that hour I think I may have figured out what my dream job is (more on that at some point in the future – and no, I didn’t figure out how to land said job, given the fact it doesn’t actually exist.  Hmm….that’s for another morning I guess),  decided what to make for dinner and made a mental “to do” list for things at home.  That followed with a realization that I was a lost cause when the voice in my head was “mooing” during the cow post and “meowing” when I did the arched cat.  I had cracked myself up (or cracked up) and the focus was gone.  I went through the motions of the class, but lets just say, it wasn’t my finest hour.

I ate breakfast at my desk, two thin pieces of high fibre bread with 1 tbsp almond butter and a banana.

Later in the morning, I had a bit of fruit and a 4 point non-home made  bran muffin.

Lunch was a “use up what was in the fridge” salad.  It contained spinach, some canned artichokes, a boiled egg, a tomato, some fresh basil, a few olives, a Tbsp of light feta and a bit of greek dressing.  YUM!!  I also had the 3 little Clementines below.

Mid afternoon, I had the apple (above) and a portion of sharp cheddar.

Dinner was going to be a bit late so I had some baked crackers and tzatsiki.  (carefully counted out and measured to be 3 points)

Like lunch, dinner was a use up the last of “stuff” concoction.  I boiled some whole wheat pasta and combined it with asparagus, fresh basil, mushrooms, LOTS of spinach, scallions and a red pepper.  I poured 1 tsp olive oil on and topped it with the last of the low-fat goat cheese that was needing to be used up and one piece of chopped turkey bacon.  (Dennis had low-fat alfredo sauce)  It was a very tasty warm spinach salad.

Off to do a few housework-y type errands. 
May all of you be more focussed on whatever you do this week than I was at yoga this morning.  Namaste!  :)



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