Happy Monday!!

Today, I had a weight watchers bagel with almond butter for breakfast….


When I was moving the alien mascot to sit on my yogurt….I broke his arm.  Poor alien!


Alien down!


Lunch was hummus (with flax and chia seeds), rice crackers, carrots and turkey pepperoni.


I had some mango and kiwi later….


Dinner tonight was grilled chicken on salad (with artichoke, feta, and balsamic reduction).


That was all today, but I’d like to share some photos from yesterday too. I went for a walk over by my Mom’s place, and we also took a scenic drive.   I love the way the vine was growing on the tree trunk…..


Upside down mushroom in a pond….


Action around the bird pond…..







Sea of blue!



Action around a water feature that my Mom and I saw on our travels out and about….



Like this sign….


Taken from the car….photo credit: Roz’s Mom.  :)


Mom and I made a pit stop at the Beacon Drive In.  Best ice cream EVER!


Turtles in the park….



Itch and ears in the park.  Oh deer!  :)





Kite flying, bird feeding and the crack of Don.  (I’ve decided his name must be Don)  Very mature…I know.






Speaking of AWW….my Mom has a robin’s nest in her yard.  The mama was sitting there yesterday.


That was yesterday….today it was a rainy wet day, but I took a lunchtime walk anyway.  I didn’t know there was a TV show called “Matrix”…until I walked by a set today.


Feeling reflective….


Get ready to awww again.  AWWWW!!!!




More birds that are slightly less awww worthy, but pretty nonetheless.





Love these colours!



After work, the rain stopped, and the wind brought some interesting clouds….




Finally, Neva was observing hummingbirds in her usual position.  Crazy cat!


I hope all of you have had a good start to the week.  More from the land of weightingfor50 tomorrow!  “See” you then.


Hi from my Mom’s place over in Victoria.  Just a few shots of the day, Mom and I were doing all kinds of running around and there wasn’t much picture taking.  More news to follow tomorrow. (or Monday, depending on what ferry I get back tomorrow night)  These shots were taken on the ferry ride over this morning….




These were from a long way off, so they aren’t the best photos, but I watched an eagle (and his gull posse) fishing.  It was amazing.



Hundreds of other gulls flew by….



A far off fin.  A whale?  A dolphin?  Don’t know..


Other bird life in the pass….



I had a quick visit with my friend Marion this afternoon too.  Her dog Lily is hilarious….


Eying cookies on the coffee table “can’t see me”….


…and showing off some fine Macarena moves.


My mom has a robin’s nest in the climbing rose on the side of her house.  All seemed quiet….


…but guarded.


I’m off for the night.  I hope all of you are having a good week, and I look forward to normal “catch ups” next week!  Now everyone, “Macarena”!  :)

Today, we got a call that our laptop was ready to be picked up.  Woo Hoo.  A little earlier than we expected, but big yay, we’re up and running again!!!

I’m still in set up mode, but will share a few shots from the last couple of days.  The spring clouds were amazing over the last little while….




I even saw a heart in these clouds…



There was lots of rain, which brought out some lovely snails….




Some wet spring blossoms….




Seagulls were down at the public market, and got some treats from the fishing boats.




Optical illusion…



Seals were waiting for handouts too.  Three of them!





And finally…the baby ducklings have found their way out of the eggs and into the pond.  AWWW!










So happy that regular posts will resume soon.  And so happy it is the weekend.  I’ll be over at my Mom’s tomorrow, and will check in from there.  Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Big thanks to Google images for today’s post.

I have been a day ahead of myself all week.  I could have SWORN today was Friday when I got up.  But no….


The GOOD news is that on Thursdays I meet Michelle and her famous hand for our pre-work coffee.  I didn’t take my normal picture, because I don’t have my normal laptop (one week today….only 1-3 weeks back until that lemon is returned.  OOOPS…inside voice…) but I did grab an archive shot.


Hardy har!!  (thank you sunspotimages.com via Google images)

In other rippingly exciting news….I lost an earring at some point today.  Time for me to get a little crafty I guess.  (thank you for the inspiration agirlandagluegun.com.)  Wish I could say I’ll do this for sure….but hey, you never know.  The stone on this one earring left is really pretty…so hmm….)



I have had a very very hungry day. One of those, I could eat a horse (or a house) days.  I didn’t eat a horse though the thought was there….





Other than that, it was a rainy, nothing special on the menu, status quo type of day…..


….and my office wasn’t closed, I’ll call it a day, and hopefully be able to slip some pics in tomorrow through the back door.

Happy Friday to all!!

Happy Earth Day to all!!!  Love this Mother Nature artwork, found on desktopwallpapers4.com via Google images.

I’m back in the back door…..so have a few pics to share today.  Many found in “urban nature” on my walks over the last couple of days.

Spring blooms….

IMG_5802 2

IMG_5805 2

IMG_5941 2

IMG_5943 2

Birds in a nest, made with eggs from my friend Doris’ chicken farming friends.  We had it for dinner with back bacon.  Best.Eggs.Ever!  Thank you Doris!!!

IMG_5913 2


Speaking of birds (nice segway!)….here are some more shots of the adorable baby birds I’ve been watching for a while.  And am forbidden to post pictures of on my Wildlife, Nature, Bird photo group.  TAKE THIS PHOTO ADMINS!!!  (Roz, get over it!!  LOL!  I am, just joking.  Sort of…)

IMG_5952 2


(looks like a little fluffy fish in this picture…)

IMG_5998 2

IMG_6325 2

IMG_6416 2

IMG_6490 2

I’d probably have a bath too, if I’d shoved a dirty grub into a baby’s beak….

IMG_6054 2

More blackbird parents….

IMG_5860 2

IMG_5863 2

And finally, in order to pay for her vet bills from last week, we’re putting Neva to work.  She has shown great promise as a boudoir model.  Work the camera Neva!!  (and for heaven’s sake, keep that healing back end covered!)

IMG_6658 2

IMG_6664 2


And we’re one week into the 2-4 week waiting time for our computer to be returned.  We really miss it!  OK…back to my day, time to shut this back door for now.  Cheers to the earth, and cheers to all of you!

Not a whole lotta news to report today, and no access to the ‘back door” at the moment so no pictures will be posted today.  I’m also a little “ranty” today, so with tongue firmly planted in cheek, and with public apologies to my husband who has to endure me being a whiney-a&^ baby over the last couple of days, I’m going to let ‘er rip!

  • Today is apparently my lucky day.  I was pooped on by a seemingly giant bird when I was walking to work.  Seriously giant.  On my way to the lottery booth….and the dry cleaner!
  • Speaking of birds, yesterday I posted an, IMHO, pretty cool shot of baby birds in a nest (see yesterday’s post) on my “Wildlife, Nature and Bird” photo group.  Soon after, I was sent a note informing me that my picture had been removed because it went against the rules and regulations which state no photos can jeopardize the safety and comfort of wildlife.  Um….I used a long zoom lens, then I cropped the picture, and I was standing behind a railing and there was a pond between us.  I really need to get a thicker skin, because I was p*sed off…..
  • To the Vancouver media?  Just STOP with the incessant news stories about the price of real estate in this part of the world.  Trust me, we are all WELL aware that buying a home is out of reach for most.  Just shut up!  This is not news that needs to be reported day in and day out.
  • For the record, I personally do not care if the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup.  I believe I am the only person in Vancouver who feels that way.
  • WHY do cyclist court danger and ride around without a helmet on????  Just WHY???  Technically it is none of my business if they wear a helmet or not, but I don’t want to be called for a first aid emergency and see brain matter on the sidewalk.
  • My lower back hurts.  There, I said it….

On that note, I really should get myself to yoga and attempt to stretch it out.  And dissipate the ranting a little.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.  I’m sure I’ll be back to my sparkly, unicorn loving self tomorrow.  HA!

Happy Monday to all!

Don’t ask how, but I am managing to share a few pics from the last few days, by going in the “back door”.  :)   I really would like my computer back sooner rather than later….however….in the big scheme of life, this is no more than an inconvenience.

Here is the heron who thinks he’s a swan….with bad hair.

IMG_4623 2

Here is the nest with babies….

IMG_4772 2

IMG_4823 2

IMG_4842 2

Raccoon drinking….

IMG_5206 2

Raccoon swimming….

IMG_5252 2

Egg thieves….

IMG_5285 2

I’m not yolking….

IMG_5290 2

Looks like Dennis is proposing to the hedge…

IMG_5428 2

Random heart…

IMG_5520 2


Traffic jam…

IMG_5571 2

Neva is resting comfortably

IMG_5688 2



Seen in passing…

IMG_5690 2

My friend Doris and I out for a walk yesterday….

IMG_5750 2

We saw this tulip field…

IMG_5762 2

This is her gorgeous dog Milo.

IMG_5785 2


Closing the back door now.  More when I can.  Happy Week to everyone!!!!

Happy Saturday to all.  And BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Carlo!!

I am typing this from an old and potentially dysfunctional keyboard, so I apologize in advance if I miss any typos that I may make.  I’ve also had two glass of white wine….which may also affect things.  :)

Today has been Roz/Dennis day.  Too often we’ve been ships passing in the night lately, so it was great to just take things easy and spend time together.  Here is our day…

  • I made cinnamon/banana pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.  Damn, they were good.  #carbsforall #omgiactuallycookedfromscratch #passthesyrup
  • Dennis was in charge of coffee.  I had a little too much.  #boing #boing #boing
  • We went for a nature walk at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park this afternoon.  I was hoping to see ducklings, goslings and signets….but no babies were there.  We did however, see a ton of birds, and racoons (both swimming and walking) and greenery.  #hatchdamnit!  #raccoonslooklikebeaverswhentheyswim #isooooowanttosharesomeofmypictures
  • We went and grabbed a souvlaki for lunch, and we both officially smell like garlic #peeeyew! #goodthingwebothateit #soworthit 
  • We did a little shopping, stopped by Cousin Helen’s, then walked home #feelslikespring #lotsofactivitypoints
  • Now we have opened a bottle of wine and are just hanging out for the night. #familynight #sendoutfordinner? #feelingtipsyaftertwoglasses

Happy Sunday to all!


Happy Friday to all!   Keeping with my newsy updates and hashtags:

  • Those of you who are my facebook friends already know this, but my big news is that I will be going to Costa Rica in September to work with an international team of environmentalists and photojournalists on a project to protect endangered sea turtles.   I have been looking for something that would be an adventure and that I could roll up my sleeves and do a little good.  There will be 12 of us from Canada going.  More on that will follow as the time gets closer.  #doesntseemreal  #sometimesthestarsjustalign #sofreakinlucky
  • Less earth shattering, but equally as exciting (NOT!), today is apparently National Bat Appreciation Day.  Who knew???  #appreciateyourbat #appreciateyourbatmantoo
  • I witnessed the most amazing display of mother’s instinct when I was out for my lunchtime walk today.  A mama finch was feeding her tiny tiny babies.  I’d been watching the nest since last week, seems the eggs have hatched, and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!  For the record though, just hatched baby birds aren’t particularly cute.  #faceonlyamotherfinchcouldlove #willsomehowtryandsharethepics #eatyourbugssoyougrowbigandstrong
  • Happy to report my snail whispering skills are in tact.  At one point today, I had 6 of them on my hand.  #snailsarebeautiful #slimemakesmehappy #whenissnailappreciationday?
  • Also happy to report Neva continues to recover from her backside trauma of earlier this week.  Poor little thing, I HATE to see her less than 100%.   #abscessisgross #poorlittlefurball 
  • And finally, tonight, I am off to pay my yoga dues, and get my a*& back on my mat.  I have truly struggled to get there for the last month, but know I’m happy once I get there.  Time for regular namastes and ohms again.  #yogamojocomeback  #unusedmat 

That in a picture-less nutshell is my day.  I really have to figure out how to transfer my pics to a functioning hard drive…the baby bird pics are priceless.  (thank you Canon Rebel!  Couldn’t do it without you!!)

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!!  Don’t forget to appreciate your bat!  :)

Things may look a little different here in the land of weightingfor50 for the next “2-4 weeks”.

It seems that the computer issue we had earlier in the week was just a little prelude to our entire hard drive crashing.  Because the device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, it is being sent back to the manufacturer, and they will repair/replace said hard drive and return it to us – eventually.  We will not have a perfectly functioning computer at home until it returns, so I will have less graphics, and more news of the day for a little while.  I have my phone and our non-port functioning laptop to use in the meantime, but for now, here is some news from today.  And just to make things a bit more creative, I have included hashtags.  Because, well, why not?  Truth be told though, I have a bit of an aversion to hashtags….but today, they are relatively appropriate.

  • My love/hate relationship with technology is much more on the hate end today.  #F2this!  
  • Neva seems very comfortable, despite being humiliated and violated (not really) at the vet yesterday.  Though much of her fluffy tail was shaved near the base, she still was swishing it around when she saw the hummingbirds on our deck this morning.  She was also lying on her back, and really likes the pureed salmon we are using to sneak her antibiotics in. #lifeisgoodforNeva
  • I am far less comfortable, given the “at home” treatment that we are having to administer for a couple of days.  It’s gross.  Really gross!  However, we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do….  sigh. #dowhatwiththecloth???  #hurtsmemorethanithurtsyou
  • I wish I could post a picture I took today, it is a heron in “body deep” water, and the way he was fluffing himself, he looked like a swan.  The photo is hilarious, and I will post eventually. #itcrackedmeup  #avianidentitycrisis
  • On the walk to the bird pond, I had my camera bag across my body.  It was pretty nice today, so I didn’t have a coat on.  The friction of the bag’s texture and the corduroy of my skirt reacted, pushing my skirt upward, and I quickly realized I was walking down the street with one half of my skirt hiked up around my upper legs.  #alwayswearcleanunderwear  #abitbreezy
  • We are having dinner with Cousin Helen tonight, and we’re looking forward to that!!!  #cousinhelenisgreat  #winewillbeconsumed

I’m sure there is other news, but we’ll leave it at that for tonight.  Have a great Friday everyone…..

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